Hey, Ya’ll!  Thanks for joining me here at Jules’ Jewels!  God has been tugging at me for quite a while to start sharing in this format some of the jewels that He has placed upon my heart.  So let me begin by introducing myself.

First, I’m a daughter.  A daughter to the Most High God.  My Father has taken me on an amazing journey to get to this point–through many ups and downs, some of which I’ll share as we go along, and some that will forever remain in the past.  But know this:  the journey I’ve taken, with all its bumps and bruises, has helped me to share and feel and cry and rejoice and create with you!  (I’m also so very blessed to be a daughter to wonderfully supportive parents who live just a few hours away.)

Second, I’m a wife.  I am married to a wonderful man, and have been for 22 years. WOW!  He’s a pastor, and therefore I partner with him in ministry–even if I’m not on payroll!  We love to counsel couples together, present marriage and family seminars, and especially just reach out to those in our community.  But we truly partner together in raising our children, which leads me to my next role.

Third, I’m a mom to three teenage sons.  Our oldest just left for college–yes, I miss him terribly, but I also took over his room for my craft area!  (I did leave a portion of the room for him when he comes home.)  I’m extremely proud of my boys–God has blessed me abundantly.  However, I did experience multiple miscarriages–five to be exact–so I know how pain and loss feels.  Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, my heart and arms will ache for those little ones.  That’s when I cling to what I do have in my three sons, and God’s comforting words of Psalm 139.

Fourth, I’m a teacher.  I currently teach middle and high school students at a private Christian school.  I’ve also homeschooled my boys, and I’ve taught in the public school system.  I also teach in workshop and church settings, all kinds of topics, such as crafting, cooking, parenting, marriage topics, etc.  Pretty much any Christian life topics I cover.  God has called me to minister to others through my gifts of teaching and speaking.  I also have a YouTube channel where I teach and share Bible Journaling with others.

Finally, I’m a friend.  I love social media because I can make new friends every day.  I can also share what God places upon my heart in a format that reaches further and farther than my own little neck of the woods.

Thanks for joining me in this journey.  Please comment on topics you’d like to read about.


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