Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Need some ideas on what to give your child’s teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week? Here are a few that Dayspring shared with me, and as a teacher myself, I would to receive these from a family!

You May a Difference: 50 Devos for Teachers: This little book of 50 devotions offers scripture, prayers, and encouragement especially for those who dedicate their lives shaping the next generation academically, socially, and emotionally. $9.99

You Got This! Pen Set: This set of three black ball point refillable pens is lovely. The pens have inspiring messages on the barrels, feel heavy and solid, and write fluidly. $20.00

Thoughtfulness Thank You Cards Set of 12: If you need a colorful box of thank you cards, this is a great one! The colors and designs would work well for anyone, and it comes with 12 in a box–enough for all your kids’ classroom, specials, and support teachers! $6.99